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About The Agency:

The Skin I’m In Model & Talent Agency (SIIM Agency, LLC) Author, celebrity photographer, and talk show host, Ferrell E. Phelps. Birthed Skin I'm In Exhibitions from the love of and a need to celebrate the diversity of skin, the exhibitions, and subsequent books, Skin Deep: The Skin I’m In and Beyond the Mask have gained exposure worldwide.

In 2020, Ferrell partnered with author and talk show host, Sonyia Graham to form the Skin I’m In Model and Talent Agency (SIIM). Her over thirty years of business development, operations, Olympic sports management, and marketing experience, coupled with his creative genius, form the complete agency package. Unlike a traditional agency, SIIM is a movement here to show the beauty in our unique differences through equality and brand awareness internationally. We promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance by showcasing talent representing all ethnicities, skin types, skin tones, and abilities. Our motto is, Every BODY Should Be Represented. We encourage mainstream diversity for all brands by embracing our models and talent in all markets. No experience needed. Ages 5 years and up.

"This is What A Movement Looks Like".


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Skin I’m In Model & Talent Agency
5222 FM 1960 W.
Suite 221


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If you are serious, dedicated, ready to develop and invest in yourself click link to apply.    We will only contact you, if you meet a current client request. Welcome to re-apply in 6 mos.



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